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Jason: We’re gonna be talking about our hot spot, which is the “Healthy Kids Running Series.”

Female: So basically it’s trying to encourage the kids from PreK through middle school to have a healthy life style.

Jason: I know as a kid I played a lot of video games on my Gameboy, now they have a lot cooler stuff, ipads and stuff, but this was one of the things that really I needed to do more as a kid. And maybe this is something that you and your kid can do together.

Female: It’s 35 dollars for five weeks or 10 dollars per race. So it kind of depends if you want to commit to all of them, which I say go for it. [I say do it]I mean I think this is a great idea.

Jason: I don’t know if we mentioned exactly where it was, it’s in Circleville park, so right around the corner from Happy Valley, so just make sure you are showing up, have some fun with the kids, and get up and go.

Female: Get up and go, it’s our hot spot on B945.

Jason: Cool, nice.

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